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Are there really Christians out there who believe that it's a sin for women to have their hair cut shorter?

Someone was telling me this, I just found it hard to believe.And then I saw on the Today Show this morning, this very religious family with 17 children and all the girls including the mother had this very long thick hair and they were all wearing those smock dresses that make you look completely shapeless. I guess this is what my friend was talking about.

Is it certain sects of Christianity or fundamentalists in general? Is it a widespread belief? Where does the belief stem from?Are there really Christians out there who believe that it's a sin for women to have their hair cut shorter?
This is an often ';over-interpreted'; passage that mentions hair length (1 Cor 11:3-15.)

Background: When this was written, the Corinthian church was in the middle of a controversy about the roles of men and women and the proper order of authority within the church.

In the Corinthian society, women showed submission to their husbands by wearing a veil. It seems that some of the women in the church were discarding their veils, something that only pagan temple prostitutes or other rebellious women would do at that time.

For a woman to come to church without her veil would be dishonoring to her husband, as well as culturally confusing. (at that time, in that culture.)

By the same token, for a man to wear a veil or a turban or to somehow have his head covered during worship was not culturally acceptable in Corinth.

Paul appeals to biology to illustrate the appropriateness of following the cultural standards:

Women NATURALLY have longer hair than men, and men are much more prone to baldness. That is, God created women with a “natural veil” and men with an “uncovered head.”

If a woman spurns the mark of her submission (the veil), she may as well shave her head (verse 6). His point is that if the CULTURE says a woman should not be bald (going without her natural covering), then why would she reject that same culture’s standard of wearing a veil (going without her cultural covering)?

For the man’s part, it is unnatural for him to have “long hair” (verse 14). His hair is naturally shorter (and thinner) than the woman’s. This corresponds to the Corinthian tradition of men not wearing a head covering during worship.

Although most ultra-religious organizations, such as Pentacostally aligned congretations and very conservatively led church organizations tend to over-literalize this verse (and many other verses for that matter), Paul was simply urging the church to conform to the generally held ideas of male and female appearance.

That does NOT mean that a man has to have his hair a certain length,because the accepted norms differ from society to society. It also does NOT mean that a women with short hair is too masculine (although a women shaving her head, in most cultures, might be.)

Think about this: Jesus the Christ, based on the time and place of his birth, his society of the time, and the regions in which he travelled, more than likely had long hair.

One last thought: Not taking a verse of scripture ';literally'; is not a sign of rejection. On the contrary, believers are asked to ';rightly divide the word';. The key to that is often in understanding the context of a verse, and the society and culture of the time, as well as understanding the ';core';of the lesson the writer is trying to get across.

Good luck.Are there really Christians out there who believe that it's a sin for women to have their hair cut shorter?
There are people out there who do believe that having short hair is a sin. They call themselves ';Christians';. A Christian is someone who lives the way God wants them to live, according to the Bible. There are no scriptures in the Bible that back up their belief about needing to have long hair.

UFO: The scripture you posted (1 Cor 11:3-16) is about submission. It has nothing to do with hair.

I appreciate your willingness to help someone, but you need to do your homework before you start posting information.

Jed: You have also taken those scriptures out of context. In 1 Cor. 11:2 Paul wrote a letter to the church in Corinth to identify problems in the Corinthian church, to offer solutions, and to teach the believers how to live for Christ, while in a corrupt society, and his main concern is irreverence in worship. We need to read it in the context of the situation in Corinth. The matter of wearing hats or head coverings, although seemingly insignificant, had become a big problem because two cultural backgrounds were colliding. Jewish women always covered their heads in worship. For a woman to uncover her head in public was a sign or loose morals.
Do you know what a christian is?
(note I'm famous for long answers, sorry. and I dont spell very well, but please read and I think you will get the idea. Good question.)

From a strictly male point of view, I look at the part played in G I Jane by Demmie More, and as for her and the part she played, she pulled off the fact she was a soldier, an neve for a moment lost her femininety.

As a Christian, I believe that the rules regarding short hair had a lot to do with the scociety of the times. You see Pagan Temple prostitutes in the city of Corinth and others as well shaved their heads, that's how you knew you were with a temple prostitute. For a woman, as a temple prostitute to be converted, it was best she kept her head covered, untill susch time as her hair had grown out to a length that would not have identified her as an engaging in immoral activity.

For a high priestesses formerly caught up in the temple prostitution game to come in, after being converted, and try to take over a meeting in a newly formed Christian fellowship was not proper as well ( I believe that is why Paul shunned women from preaching to avoid confusion, and possible improper doctrine).

So fo me when I'm out and about and I see a girl in really lowcut jeans (so as to expose the lateral obliques and the ab line) I tend to find that visually stimulating. I don't want to have to see it, but of late girls from 16 to 40 just seem to be sticking it out there, same for ladies with breast ogmentation, I really dont want to have to see a large breasted woman obviously wearing a top that is designed to accencuate the cleavage of her body, but it's out there and all we men can do is try our best to look away.

Those Bald Girls back in oh say 55 to 75 A.D. were a major distraction and needed to be covered as a point of modesty.

I believe that women that wear short hair are fine, except for those obvious women that are trying to look male, dress male, have there hair done as a male this transsexual look and the Gay lifestyle. I don't buy it. And as for mulletts????

Haven't those girls figured out that it was a bad hair style for men, why drag it on, for a generation of Gay women to have to endure.

In closing, as a man that was very good at objectifying all women, God strengthens me and other men like me every day to overcome our short commings in that area. Shor hair long make no difference to me this day, I guess it is as Paul said, in Christ you have liberty to choose. Hair length I sure in not at the top of Gods priority for humanity these days.

I mean, how about this drive for Maddison Ave, to attract older men and women to younger looking boys and girls, to continue to show programs and movies with under age drinking, drug use, sex, violence, bondage and plain grotesque scenes of mutilation by some sort of sub-human thing on a person. For the shere gratification of graphic intence violence.

I think a hair cut in the light of these issues is a pretty nominal sin for a Christian these days...any thoughts?
1 Corinthians 11:2-16 covers this subject.

They should maintain long hair, but by and large, women seem to have taken their cue from the ideas of society, I think influenced highly by Hollywood.

In any event, yes, the reasons are listed and explained.

Any attempt to explain this away is nothing more than an attempt at justifying their disobedience.
Pentacostals believe that. Women can't wear pants, makeup, or have short hair. It stems from taking the bible way entirely too literal.
Hey! I guess I've commited yet another silly sin!

I think that women with long hair looks sexier.
The United Pentecostals believe that. The bible says long hair on a woman is her glory and on a man is against nature.That is the only branch of Pentecostals that believe that except maybe Trinity Holiness.
Yes, there are. I've met some of them. As for the Duggars, the family you're probably referencing here, they practice their own unique brand of religion. I'll admit that I like long hair on women, but it's definitely not against my religion for them to cut it. It's their hair, and they can wear it any length they like. The people who are usually opposed to women cutting their hair are from various hardline Pentecostal sects, and take their cue from verses in 1st Corinthians. Also, most of my female Mennonite and Brethren friends have long hair, but wear it up in a bun under a headcovering.
its all personal conviction.
Dunno about a sin, but it's often a damn shame.

It puzzles me that some women, who spend a great deal of time and money trying to look younger, will cut their hair short despite the fact that there's a direct link between youth and hair length.

I watched a doccy about a private investigator, who in many decades of work on adultery cases had noticed that the 'other woman' invariably had longer hair than the jilted wife.

some religions believe that women can't cut their hair and they also believe that its ';un-ladylike to wear pants...but i am a christian (catholic) and i cut my hair however the heck i want and i wear w/e i want
I know the Church of God believes it is a sin for a woman to wear pants, cut their hair or wear makeup. I disagree with that but I think they are fine, upstanding people.
There are some groups of Pentecostal churches that do not let women cut their hair or wear shorts or pants- skirts only. I think Mormons are that way on some levels too, but I am not sure. And Amish is another one.
I am christian and I have short hair and so does my grand mom and mom. Its all rubbish. Nothing like that babes
i dont think its a sin
yes there are they are penacostal and they believe that is the way it is oh and they also cant where pants jewlery or makeup
I think they may be Mennonites. I see them around here a lot. (Kansas) There is even a Christian school in the town I teach in that won't let the girls cut their hair. I found this article that goes in depth about it.…
Those who follow Medieval Practices do it.
It wouldn't surprise me in the least.
It is not a widespread belief, or you wouldn't have to ask if it was. Those kind of beliefs are more ';religious'; than ';christian';, and usually stem from someone doesn't have a grasp of the truth, they are merely following the path set by their parents so they don't go to hell. (which may happen anyway)
In the beginning God made them male and female.Another words there was a distinction between the two of them.Just as a man has whiskers and a woman does not.God made them such.I see nothing wrong with a woman cutting her hair but when she looks more like a man than a woman there is a problem.The scripture some Christians follow comes from 1 Corinthians 11:1-16.After the end of WWII prostitutes in France who had catered to the Germans had their heads shaved to reveal their shame.Prostitutes of biblical times also shaved their heads as well.Today we have different customs, but for those who choose to follow out of conviction, God Bless them.
They consider it vainity and it is a sin.

Edit: the family you're speaking of are the Duggar's, they live in Arkansas, and belong to the UPC (United Pentecostle Church.) There are other non-Pentecostle sects that don't require this of their women.
I was raised as a fundie. I was told that women should have long hair because the bible says its shameful for a woman's hair to be shorn 1 cor 11:3-16 I think.
Yes, there are Christian sects that believe so. But they are a minority.
Yes there really are. For the most part I believe it's the Pentacostals. I wear mine long just so I can wear it big in the band.

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